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A flag, a shield, a crest are a heraldic representation, a sacred symbol of a nation, a society, a school. Through a knowledge and understanding of this symbolism we grow in love of, loyalty to, and respect and reverence for what it represents.

Knowledge breeds understanding;
Understanding - love;
Love - loyalty, respect and pride.

The symbolism of Sacred Heart's new Crest is vast, though simple. THE CREST is divided into four quadrants.

Pride of place goes to the school monogram in white on and red background - the school colors. The second quadrant bears the State, colors, white, while the third depicts the Malaysian "Bunga Raya" surmounted on 13 bars in red and white, representing 13 states of Malaysia.

Perhaps the fourth quadrant, dressed in white star set in a blue background, requires greater explanation.

The De La Salle Brothers contribute to the education of youth in more than 80 countries. A star, while conveying light, causes us to raise our sights aloft. Hence, it symbolizes the enlightment of the mind through education. It is surmounted on a blue background - the heraldic colors of John Baptist de la Salle, founder of the Brothers, pioneer of the modern education and patron of teachers. It assures all Shosians, that no matter where they travel they are members of this large
Lasallian family.

Hence the Crest is a reminder of our freedom to serve our school, with love, loyalty and pride, thereby growing into loyal citizens of both State and Country.

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Daily Devotionals
  • His Wonderful Face

    My four-year-old son is full of questions, and chatters constantly. I love talking with him, but he’s developed an unfortunate habit of talking to me even when his back is turned. I often find myself saying, “I can’t hear you—please look at me when you’re talking.”

    Sometimes I think God wants to say the same thing to us—not because He can’t hear us, but because we can tend to talk to Him without really “looking” at Him. We pray, but we remain caught up in our own questions and focused on ourselves, forgetting the character


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