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The story of Sacred Heart Secondary School or SHS Website started in 1997. Lam Jiih Kui, a student of the school spotted a rare site. At that time it could be said to be rare because few schools had a website then. Then he contacted his friend, Alex Ling Zi Neng about it. The school site based at Geocities was rather simple, according to the two students. Mr. Ong Chin Kim, a Physics teacher of the school was the one who created that site. The two students offered suggestions to improve the school website through an e-mail to Mr. Ong.

Mr. Ong then called the two and another student to meet him. Thomas Ting, a fourth former, was more experienced than Lam and Alex at building a page on the website. Mr. Ong formed a team and so with these three students they started off to make improvements to the original site. The team collected information, photographs and data about the school to furnish the site with not the most up-to-date tools but using simple Java scripts running on the MIDI player. They would upgrade the site regularly with the latest information about the school.

" The other student was Tay Cheng Hui. From : Cikgu Ong (23-02-2011) "

When the website was quite completed, Mr Ong proposed to the principal, Mr Peter Wong, to officially launch the SHS Website as part of the Teachers’ Day celebration of the school. So on 5th June 1998,the webteam led by Mr Ong Chin Kim, accompanied by the principal, were at the launching ceremony officiated by the late YB Datuk Robert Lau Hoi Chew. Other VIPs present were Datuk Teng Chin Hua and members of the School Board.

Sacred Heart School Webteam continued to work at improving the site. With the help of a new program that they accidentally come across, Front Page 98 assisted their editing and updating greatly. They replaced HTML with ActiveX. To accommodate the expanding website, a second version of SHS website was created to contain more information which included the latest news of the school, exams results, clubs and societies in the school.( But the server of the second version based on 2020Net was soon shut down.) The team was happy with the layout and graphic design but to them at that time , it was not good enough to come top in the state competition. (More of this later) Nevertheless, it was a class of its own. This was the website that won the Sarawak Secondary School’s Web Design Competition organized by SAINS. The team is proud to present it to you at

1999 was a difficult year with most members of the team in exam classes. Moreover, Mr Ong, the teacher advisor, left the school for further studies. Mr. Ngu Joo was the new teacher-in-charge. The computer club was formed led by Joni Kang from Form 4 Science. Students who joined the club were encouraged to carry out html programming and collecting data. In July of the same year the school was invited to take part in in the Secondary School Web Design Competition organized by the Sarawak Information System or SAINS. When they sent in their participation they did not expect to get anything because they had no time to do any last minute touch up for the website. So when they were chosen as the winner, having beaten 20 other schools in the state, they were beside themselves.
Then in 2001, the school website was further upgraded with Project 2001 and renamed SHS Millennium Website. To Alex and his team it was to be a mark in the field of information technology as we approached the new millennium. They were so proud of the website that they even include the following as their motto: Building A Future Of Our Own.

The old school website was :

When the late Mr Lau Kui Poh took over as the teacher in charge in 2006, the school website was going strong, loaded with up-to-date information of the progress of the school. Under the new principal, Mr Vincent Liong Shou Chuan and the help of Mr Ngu Mee Ung, who was Head of ICT Resource Centre of the school, a new base in geocities was set up to link the various clubs and societies of the school. Somehow this resulted in a misuse of GEOCITIES and to solve the problem the school decided to come up with its own domain name – SMS Parradot Company was contacted and a new base with the new domain name was established at a cost of RM100 with a web space increased to 2GB costing RM400.

By 2007 a well- established website of the school could be viewed and it was constantly up-dated with news and data. A new team was set up to monitor the school site. Kong Lung Wei, a student good in IT helped by sharing his expertise to update and improved it. However in December of that year the school web server encountered a connection problem.

So the following year 2008, the school website had to move to a new server. This solved the problem that was bothering the upgrading earlier on, but of course, at a cost of RM230. This time the web space was reduced to 1 GB with 5GB Bandwidth.

With the passing of Mr Lau in a tragic car accident in June 2009, the task of Guru Data and Webmaster was carried on by Mr Moh Heng Yiing. He, being new, according to him, had to learn many things such as html, Java, Microsoft Front Page, CSS Script, taking photographs, uploading data etc. By year end he had more or less grasped and completed most of his task.

In early 2010 the website was once again marked for further improvement and upgrading based on java, CSS, php, web2.0 and html 5 concepts. In April of the same, the principal, Mr Liong, went on to upgrade with a system bought from Schoolmate costing RM800. This is based on the Joomla system with an unlimited storage space. To maintain the domain name and web space an annual fee of Rm120 has be paid. Mr Moh started transferring all the contents to http:/// He is still at it at the time of this writing.

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