Main Focus
1.1 Caring Services
The welfare of the students and staff members is of utmost important to the success of the school.
1.2 Strategic Alliance
As aided school, the board of Management, Parent-Teacher Association, the local community, and NGOs are integral to the development of the school's facilities.
1.3    Use of ICT
The use of computer for learning and management is emphasized at all times.
2.1 Professionalism
All staff members strive to raise their professionalism to the highest possible level in serving the needs of the students.
2.2 Continuous Improvement Based On The 'Kaizen' Principle
All staff members and students aim to do better than before.
2.3 A Spirit Of Ownership And Community Work Along The 'Kairos' Principle
My school is my home.
3.1 Actualization Of Potential
Every teacher's and student's potential can be raised to the highest attainable level.
3.2 Character Formation
Every staff member and student experiences an education which focuses on the National Education Philosophy, Rukunegara and the fundamental moral values.
3.3 Higher Competitive Spirit
The element of competition is consciously and deliberately emphasized to give a competitive spirit in every activity in school.
4.1 Safe
The environment is safe and secure. The school is peaceful and harmony. The students are able to tolerate one another.
4.2 Healthy
The school is free from contagious sickness and practices such as drug addiction, glue sniffing, smoking, gambling, quarrelling and racial discrimination.
4.3 Conducive
The schools is clean, tidy and beautiful. The atmosphere is conducive and attractive. The staff and students love to come to school.

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