Monday June 26, 2017

May 2011



Main Advisor   Brother Albinus
Advisors   1. Mr. Roland Ling Koh Wen
    2. Mr. Peter Seo Kok Ing
    3. Mr. Thomas Ngu Toh Kai
    4. Mr. Chieng Lee Ching
President   Dr. Bryan Lim Choon Yang
Deputy President   Mr. Vincent Ting Mui Soon
Secretary   Ms. Jenny Ting Siu Nee
Asst. Secretary   Mr. Moses Wong King Kiu
Treasurer   Mr. Bartholonew Ngieng Hock Chuong
Asst. Treasurer   Mr. Wong Kee Toh
Public Relations Officer   Mr. Murugaiah Meyappan (Rajah)
Asst. PRO   Mr. Desmond Jerukan
Committee Members   1. Mr. Johnny Chien Pik Ung
    2. Encik Junaidi Sahadan
    3. Mr. Aloysius Lim
    4. Mr. Hii Jing Song
Auditor   Mr. Jacob Wong Wu Hing



Daily Bread

  • Some days seem to have a theme running through them. Recently I had one of those days. Our pastor began his sermon on Genesis 1 with two minutes of breath-taking, time-lapse photography of blossoming flowers. Then, at home, a scroll through social media revealed numerous posts of flowers. Later on a walk in the woods, the wildflowers of spring surrounded us—trilliums, marsh marigolds, and wild iris. God created flowers and every other variety of vegetation (and dry ground to grow in),...


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