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May 2011

Message From President Thomas Ngu Toh Kai ( 2005-2006 )

The theme for this year is "The Past, the Present and the Future". The Sibu Sacred Heart School Alumni Association of Kuching has grown from strength to strength over the years. It is worthwhile to pause a while, to reflect on the past, assess the present and to ponder about the future.

The Past

We should all be thankful to Mr. William Wong, the Founding President and his committee for forming this SHS Alumni Association of Kuching to foster fellowship among Old Boys who reside in Kuching and to contribute to our Alma Mater. We should not forget the contribution of all the Past Presidents and their committees who had made the Association what it is now.

The Present

It has been a tradition to hold Annual Dinner to foster fellowship amongst ex-Principals, ex-teachers and ex-students apart from giving Academic Excellence Awards to 'Young Achievers'. We now have a scholarship Sub-Committee headed by Mr. Chieng Lee Chin which administers 'A one million ringgit worth of Scholarship in terms of tuition fees from SEGi's Group1 generously donated by YBhg. Dato" Clement Hii last year. Also through the effort of the Immediate Past President, Mr. Roland Ling, our Association introduced "The Best Form 5 Students of the Year" Award to motivate students of SHS to achieve excellence in all fields. It is heartening to note that a few Old Boys had joined in the effort by sponsoring other Merit Awards.

The Future

It is interesting to note that our current committee is a mix of old and young Old Boys. We are taking steps to encourage younger members to be in the committee to ensure continuity. The Association would continue to support the school in its effort to stay as The School' and to continue the La Salle Brothers' Vision of providing quality education. I would like to call upon all Old Boys to come forward and support the Association in its noble endeavour.

( Annual Dinner 2005 )


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