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May 2011

Message From President Mr. Peter Seo Kok Ing ( 2006-2007 )

Let's Pass It On...

The theme for this year's gathering is 'Let's Pass It On...'. It express the committee's strong desire to be of service to all members of the association and the less fortunate in our society especially students of Sacred Heart School.

In line with this vision, we have:

1) Established the higher education scholarship in conjunction with Segi College.

2) A fund to help meet the expenses of deserving students currently studying in SHS.

3) Provide career guidance to students of SHS.

All these activities aim to provide whatever support we can give to establish SHS s a premier school in line with the government's vision.

We are also aware of the needs of former students. The association serves as a venue for all to meet and socialize, renew ties, networking and exchange information at least once a year. These gatherings which are fairly frequent help to strengthen the community spirits which is sorely lacking in our society nowadays. As none of us can survive alone, we would like to see more members participating in our activities.

We thank you for your continuous support and we hope to see more of you in our future gatherings. We need all of you to grow.


God Bless.


Peter Seo Kok Ing

President 2006-2007


Daily Bread

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