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Message From President Dr. Bryan Lim Choon Yang ( 2008-2009 )

First and foremost, on behalf of the Alumni Committee, I would like to thank Mr. Vincent Lau, our eminent Patron for his gracious presence with us tonight. He is a senior old boy whose many years of solid experience have culminated in an illustrious business career and a high station in society. we are proud to have him as an exemplary example for the emulation of many of our younger alumni members.

To all alumni, family members, friends, school principal and teachers, the 20 students from our school, and distinguished guests, a warm welcome to all of you and we are blessed with the gracious presence of our beloved Brother Albinus after his absence for the last two annual dinners.

We are happily gathered here tonight, once again, in a big annual reunion of old students of our premier school. I am tempted and would have loved to use the words "Old boys" but there are girl students as well, lest we forget. A reunion dinner such as this allows us to reestablish old ties and meet new members. It also provides us with an opportunity to reminisce about the good old days that evoke fond nostalgia of a well sheltered and carefree life, albeit under an ubiquitous air of stern discipline. Indeed, the reunion dinner is a time for us to honour our accomplishments of the post, and also a time to be excited and filled with expectations about our future.

Tonight's reunion dinner is somewhat special. We are 21 years old! Coming of age, like someone said. We have been staying together in close rapport to one another for the past 20 years. And we are now reaching out more and more. Our fraternal liaison is expanding. Our alumni will probably need more time to create the substantive aura of a distinctive top alumni association. It will require vision, dedication, hard work, and patience from many future generations of leaders of our alumni. And I believe we will continue to improve ourselves bit by bit along the way, year by year. The food tonight should prove to be scrumptious but i am sure the company will be better. So let's all be happy and make merry. We shall all sit back, relax, talk, enjoy and eat to our hearts' content, shall we not? Diet? You got to be kidding. What diet?


Have an enjoyable evening!



President 2008-2009


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