Monday June 26, 2017
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Feb 2012

Kejohanan Merentas Desa MSS Sibu di SMK Kanowit

Lelaki Senior Berpasukan (20 January 2012)

Johan : Collymore Tang, Jacky Sia, Kong Mee Fua, Lucas Ak Dorlen, Willie Ak Liam, Aaron Tang, Kenny Ling

Lelaki Junior Berpasukan

Tempat Ke - 3 : Low Jian Cherh, Radin, Hillary, Imanuoel, Tiong Huong Kit



Daily Bread

  • Some days seem to have a theme running through them. Recently I had one of those days. Our pastor began his sermon on Genesis 1 with two minutes of breath-taking, time-lapse photography of blossoming flowers. Then, at home, a scroll through social media revealed numerous posts of flowers. Later on a walk in the woods, the wildflowers of spring surrounded us—trilliums, marsh marigolds, and wild iris. God created flowers and every other variety of vegetation (and dry ground to grow in),...


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