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May 2012

Sri Sibu Taekwondo (WTF) Championship 2012

Kelab Taekwondo Sri Sibu (WTF)

28 -29 April, Dewan SMK Methodist

Guru Penasihat: Teng Yew Chiong , Augustine Law , Judy Chiong

 Bil   Nama Peserta   Kelas   Acara   Pencapaian 
1  Berlin Lu Ben Ling  5S3   Sparring Weiter 74-80kg  Emas
2  Ling Shan Fhan  5A2

 Sparring Heavy above 87kg

 Poomsae Taegeuk 7 &8



3  Richard Chiew Hock Chiong  4S1

 Sparring Feather 63-68kg

 Poomsae Taegeuk 7 & 8



4  Japheth Ling Chia Yi  4S3  Sparring Light 68-74kg  Emas
5  Tang Sii Long  4A1  Sparring Welter 74-80kg  Gangsa
6  Wong Tiong Yung  4A1

 Sparring Fly 54-58kg

 Poomsae Koryo (Open)



7  Chew Jian Wei  4A3

 Sparring Feather 63-68kg

 Poomsae Koryo (Open)



 Lucas Chieng Tiew Lik  3A1  Poomsae Koryo Remaja 13-15 yrs  Emas
9  Vincent Lau Ben Jie  3A1   Poomsae Koryo Remaja 13-15 yrs  Perak
10   Fedenand Jemut  3A1  Sparring Feather 51-55kg  Emas
11   Hillary Ak Tengku   3A1

 Sparring Heavy 78kg



Daily Bread

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