Monday May 01, 2017

Oct 2012


President  :   Vincent Ting Mui Soon
Vice - President  : Desmond Jerukan
Secretary  : Nicholas Hu Kie Lik
Asst. Secretary  : Moses Wong King Kiu
Treasurer  : Joseph Chuo Kuong Liong
Asst. Treasurer  : Stanley Ngu King Hieng
Public Relation Officer  : Hii Jing Song
Asst. Public Relation Officer     : Wong Chii Huo
Committee Member (1)  : Jenny Ting Siu Nee
Committee Member (2)  : Edwin Abit
Committee Member (3)  : Adrian Chung Wen Siong
Committee Member (4)  : Johnny Chien Pik Ung
Auditor  : Bartholonew Ngieng Hock Chuong
Advisor 1  : Peter Seo Kok Ing
Advisor 2  : Lim Choon Yang
Advisor 3  : Chieng Lee Ching
Advisor 4  : Roland Ling Koh Wen
Advisor 5  : Thomas Ngu Toh Kai


Daily Bread

  • What would you do if the Lord showed up in the middle of your workday with a message of encouragement? This happened to Gideon, one of the ancient Israelites. “The angel of the Lord suddenly appeared and said, ‘Mighty hero, the Lord is with you!’ ” Gideon could have responded with a wordless nod and gulp, but instead he said, “If the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?” (Judg. 6:12–13 nlt). Gideon wanted to know...


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