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May 2011

Sacred Heart Old Students’ Association (SHOSA) has had a long and distinguished history of participation in the affairs of the Sibu community and the school.

SHOSA came into existence in 1948 and was duly registered as “The Sacred Heart Old Students’ Association”, to accommodate some ladies, ex-students of the School, who had applied for membership. At the same time, the Association adapted the motto of the School, “Berdoa serta Berusaha” to be the Association’s motto.

The Association’s main objective is to give the ex-students of Sacred Heart School the opportunity to meet together for recreational and social activities but more importantly, to help the Principal, the School and students morally and financially or through other avenues as a sincere mark of appreciation of what they themselves had received from the School.

Throughout its 60+ years, the Association under its various presidents and committee members had proudly rendered a wide range of services to the School.

SHOSA will continue to find other areas connected to the School that needs its help.


Daily Bread

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