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May 2011

1. SHOSA Annual Dinner & Annual General Meeting(AGM)

The Annual Dinner and AGM was held at Kingwood Hotel this year, on 4th April, 2010. It coincided with the Ching Ming weekend which allowed those returning to attend the Ching Ming to also attend our Annual Dinner. There were 44 tables and was our largest annual dinner so far. As for next year, we intend to have the Annual Dinner to coincide with the Ching Ming again. We have tentatively fixed the date on 2nd April 2011.

2. Brother Albinus’ 80th Birthday Dinner

A birthday dinner, hosted by about 100 former Sacred Heart Secondary was held for the former principal, Brother Albinus on 4th June 2010, at Kingwood Hotel. Brother Albinus who turned 80 on 23rd May, was the principal of the school for 15 years from 1972 till 1987.

“He is a living legend among the ex-students. Without him most of us would not have been what we are today,” said SHOSA President Mr. Robert Lau Hui Yew.

He added that it was a life-changing experience studying in SHS under Brother Albinus.

In his speech, Brother Albinus said his 15 years in Sibu was the best of his 50 years’ teaching life as he found that Sibu people are very focus and motivated.

Fifty years on, Brother Albinus continues to provide education through the Yayasan LaSallian Kuching (YLK) which was established by a group of his ex-students in 2002.


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