Wednesday June 28, 2017
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03 : Taklimat Suntikan Semangat Bagi Pel...
04 : PMR Bermula
07 : Malam Pengawas
07 : Mesyuarat Penyelarasan Yayasan Sara...
22 : Persidangan Inovasi, Kajian Tindaka...
25 : English-In-Camp
28 : Annual Dinner
28 : Speech Day
31 : Penyalahgunaan Internet
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Daily Bread

  • At his death, the great artist Michelangelo left many unfinished projects. But four of his sculptures were never meant to be completed. The Bearded Slave, the Atlas Slave, the Awakening Slave, and the Young Slave, though they appear unfinished, are just as Michelangelo intended them to be. The artist wanted to show what it might feel like to be forever enslaved. Rather than sculpting figures in chains, Michelangelo made figures stuck in the very marble out of which they are carved....


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