Sunday March 26, 2017
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07 : Peraturan & Perundangan Mengenai Pe...
09 : LDP
18 : STPM 2012
18 : Taklimat LDP Untuk Staf Sokongan
19 : Pertandingan Lintas Hormat MSS Baha...
21 : SPM 2012 Result
Birthday Boys & Girls (March)
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Daily Bread

  • When students from Southeast Asia met a teacher from North America, the visiting instructor learned a lesson. After giving his class their first multiple-choice test, he was surprised to find many questions left unanswered. While handing back the corrected papers, he suggested that, next time, instead of leaving answers blank they should take a guess. Surprised, one of the students raised their hand and asked, “What if I accidentally get the answer right? I would be implying that I knew...


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