Thursday May 25, 2017
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02 : 1M1S
02 : Kids In Business
06 : Persaraan En. Huong (Ketua Pembantu...
23 : Hari Guru Peringkat Sibu
27 : Perhimpunan Sesi Pagi
27 : Perhimpunan Sesi Petang
30 : Karnival Badan Beruniform
30 : Merentas Desa Antara Kelas 2011
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Daily Bread

  • I gladly agreed to babysit my grandkids while their parents went out for the evening. After hugs, I asked the boys what they did over the weekend. (Both had separate adventures.) Bridger, age three, recounted breathlessly how he got to stay overnight with his aunt and uncle—and he had ice cream and rode a carousel and watched a movie! Next it was five-year-old Samuel’s turn. When asked what he did, he said, “Camping.” “Did you have fun?” I asked. “Not...


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